Crisp, light, flaky, unsurpassed deliciousness. We bought these in Glen Arbor and will bring them home but we will be sad when they run out and have to go back to “regular” chips.



– David B. Fletcher

I just bought a bag of these at Busch’s tonight for Hummus…and they’re damn near gone. OMG, these are so freaking GOOD!!! I don’t think I’ll ever buy other chips again!



– Dana Fortier

Best bagged chip I’ve ever eaten. I buy them in Michigan and hoard them in Chicago.



– Janet Joliat Dahl

My husband and I drive 30 plus minutes every month or so almost exclusively to buy these chips (I literally did a happy dance in the isle of D&W when I found them). I wont even try another “authentic” brand of tortilla chips.



– Christina Jean